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Posted by LenZ - May 13th, 2012

Thanks for all the votes and comments. I guess I can answer some faqs that I keep seeing in the reviews but I know I'll tire myself out if I answer the same thing and will be lost after the next page.
Also here's some deleted scenes during the making of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKf0sAgSc2o

What softwares did you use?
-Autodesk Maya, Aftereffects, photoshop, and flash.

How long does it take you to make?
-2 years give or take.

-Aliens. Welcome to the internet

Yhea right now I'm planning to make another short on my personal time (it won't be a furry) but until I can stabilize by life after college that is. But really thanks for the reviews. I listen to them as much as I can at the first few weeks and I'll keep practicing. So with that experience and feedback, I'll just get better and better from here.

Posted by LenZ - May 28th, 2011

So I've been attending to a 3D art college and I haven't done any flash animations for NG since a very very long time. "EgoCity" was once my long series on NG back then.
Here's my 3D movie, finally finished. Hope you enjoy it as for me to relive knowing there will be thousands of viewers watching my movie like the good ol' time.
It's called "Bounty + Hunter"

P.S. It has a few moments where I use Flash ^^ The PDA and the end credits and a cameo of EgoCity at the beginning.

Posted by LenZ - April 1st, 2010

Hey guys, whats new? My progress of the flash i'm currently developing is going great. It's called Bounty + Hunter, and i've posted alot of the progress on my deviant art account. go check it out.
Another flash that is in pre-production is Red Cap, a sequel to Ex Memories. My friend Danny Jacobsen has made music for both flashes on his piano, and as I type this we are recording it onto my laptop.

Let me apologize now for being away for so long. let me sum up my reasons in 4 words: School Is A Bitch. It's taken up alot of my free time, but i'm learning new things that has really improved my animation skills. I make 3-D work now, and my upcoming flashes will be completly 3-D, except for the characters. they will be 2-D. For Example, I made 3 more episodes of Egocity, prequels to the series, that follow this style of animation. here is Egocity 0: episode 1 , episode 2 , and episode 3. All of my flashes and other work can be found on my website.

Alrightie, I'll make another news post in 2 years I guess ( hahaha ). Until then, Adios.

P.S. Danny is super mega ultra awesome and is the greatest piano player EVER
P.S.S. Danny is reaaaallllllllllllllllly cool no joke.
P.S.S.S. This is Danny typing right now.

Finally, a new update

Posted by LenZ - December 13th, 2008

uuuh sorry if i haven't been around. What happen to EgoCity. Well I finished the story along w/ episodes u guys haven't even seen or uploaded on NG.
<- Volume 1 EC Zero series. There are 3 volumes in all and there are all in here newgrounders. A story that has more deeper meaning than watching ppl fight in the ep on NG.

So what happen to PF RPG? Well me and Brennan and the rest of the crew finished that as well.
PF RPG2 w/ save points, shops, experience, Zymes, menu and of course randum battles and bosses.

It's a 2 disk game (well litereally 2 files cause flash has a 1600 frames limit) and it's over 2 hours gameplay. Final boss has much more sense and it's 50000 times better then the PFRPG here. It continues w/ Thavidu story.

As of now i am in college but i'm planning to release a new movie here called "Red Cap". For the first time in like years i'm ready to release one more episode on NG.
Why haven't I release these things to u guys, i dunno...
well enjoy

Posted by LenZ - October 5th, 2007

It's a sequel but it's also a prequel. EgoCity 0 is been released on PhrozenFlame.com. It contains 3 parts to the epic and will tell a story from the very beginning of Johnny's chronicles.

Also the famous Tom Fulp, that we all know, is setting up an EC collection page. I'm very grateful for that and the fact there are still many fans of EgoCity awaiting for more of its series on NG. This is a similar feeling of the game "Nights" from Sega now XDDD