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EgoCity Series Continues

Posted by LenZ - October 5th, 2007

It's a sequel but it's also a prequel. EgoCity 0 is been released on PhrozenFlame.com. It contains 3 parts to the epic and will tell a story from the very beginning of Johnny's chronicles.

Also the famous Tom Fulp, that we all know, is setting up an EC collection page. I'm very grateful for that and the fact there are still many fans of EgoCity awaiting for more of its series on NG. This is a similar feeling of the game "Nights" from Sega now XDDD


*ahem* your welcome!JK! sorry.

I sent my voice clips over. it may end up in your bulk. tell me if you want me to send them agian. ^-^(THIS IS GONNA BE AWSOME)*prepares to see how many people comment on my voice and what they think*

also its about time you updated the account LOL!. MORE REWARDS FOR EC:0!and MORE FAME!Oh! I wanna ask ya something. I got a microphone now. will I get a line or 2 in vol 3?

No I gots them. Sadely I have to change sum voices to sound more quality type. I've a history on voice prob so I hope u don't mind lolz I will however use them for the PF version aka beta version.

Anyways I figured it did be sum time next year I might put the new ones on NG. It seems sooo busy and I haven't even started the 3 final part lol

But as of right now I'm in joy-hype-mode in Tom's help ^^

So... thats a YES on getting a part in 3? If you answered I dont think I understood.


I dont mean to be a wise ass or nothin but I was the one who convienced Tom into Doing it. *wink wink* BUT WOW! ITS AWSOME! I almost had a heart attack from excitement.

u should jast put the ego city 0 thing in now i bet u that ull be a flash super star wan u do

cool your stuff are always cool. Wish I had known I would have liked to give a helping hand even if I didn't know how,

i tried to go to phrozenflame.com and there was nothing there, does it even exist?

I know this is a little off topic, but I went 2 your site and, well. . . the count-down clock for the 3 part of Egocity0 is increasing in the amount of time instead of decreasing. I was thinking, maybe college work was catching up or something? I'm just a bit curios, thats all, I relay hope your alright man, I'm just curios is all.

next ya just need to ake a series for phrozen flame ad youd be set

i just played panzer flame i kick ass keep up to good work man oh btw i am going to college to make games so

ummm . i just tried to go on the stie..... its gone......

yes 10/10 for all eco series vids
please put more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!