Miss me

2008-12-13 16:58:56 by LenZ

uuuh sorry if i haven't been around. What happen to EgoCity. Well I finished the story along w/ episodes u guys haven't even seen or uploaded on NG.
<- Volume 1 EC Zero series. There are 3 volumes in all and there are all in here newgrounders. A story that has more deeper meaning than watching ppl fight in the ep on NG.

So what happen to PF RPG? Well me and Brennan and the rest of the crew finished that as well.
PF RPG2 w/ save points, shops, experience, Zymes, menu and of course randum battles and bosses.

It's a 2 disk game (well litereally 2 files cause flash has a 1600 frames limit) and it's over 2 hours gameplay. Final boss has much more sense and it's 50000 times better then the PFRPG here. It continues w/ Thavidu story.

As of now i am in college but i'm planning to release a new movie here called "Red Cap". For the first time in like years i'm ready to release one more episode on NG.
Why haven't I release these things to u guys, i dunno...
well enjoy


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2008-12-16 11:35:18

man,i think you should submitt it to NG.i played it on the PF page but it's not the same.maybe you could make it a downloable exe so ppl could play it without having to use the www.the first one was exelent(practicaly forced me to start developing games)was like a bible to me,and the secon one...well..you know,i can't describe it with words.i look forward for moar games


2008-12-16 23:54:33

Dude! Thought you were dead man! Anyways, what ever happened to that last Vol. of "Ego City Zero" man? Hell with it, your still pimp dude!


2008-12-17 17:08:30

mmky i already seen u on DA and ur site so yea


2009-01-24 10:22:04

i checked that site long ago... but one complaint about PHRPG2, it seems the random battles happen almost ever 3 seconds.... des that seem right? also.... there more EC's??? i never looked!


2009-01-30 20:51:17

LenZ, are you going to ComicCon in NY this year?



2009-02-11 09:10:44

you'll love this.IT DIDN'T LOAD MY SAVE DATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!in disk two


2009-03-09 13:25:18

ur lazy


2009-06-14 04:23:24

sucks that phrozenflame got shut down.


2010-03-14 00:29:54



2010-03-25 14:41:32

Glad to see your alive dude. Your style of art is unique, as well as the content of like...everything you do O.o I think it's because it reminds me so much of Sonic lol...I can see hints of it and a few other games I adore in a lot of your flashes, and you seem to have the same tastes as me lol. It would be a shame if you didn't keep flashing (but we all have our reasons I guess for needing breaks or stopping).

Keep it up man. Your stuff rocks!