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"Bounty + Hunter" 4 years of not doing flash = new form of art.

Posted by LenZ - May 28th, 2011

So I've been attending to a 3D art college and I haven't done any flash animations for NG since a very very long time. "EgoCity" was once my long series on NG back then.
Here's my 3D movie, finally finished. Hope you enjoy it as for me to relive knowing there will be thousands of viewers watching my movie like the good ol' time.
It's called "Bounty + Hunter"

P.S. It has a few moments where I use Flash ^^ The PDA and the end credits and a cameo of EgoCity at the beginning.


Really amazing! Great job, man. It looked a lot like those Daxter game scenes.

Thx ^^ Yhea Daxter's the best looney animation style.

I love living in New York. Beautiful, beautiful work.

Thanks so much! Cept on peak time in NY, it makes me wanna go boom lol

Aw that was cool!

Love it, been a long ass time charging up haha.

Not bad, actually. :) Kinda corny, and it had furries, but it had some really good action.

the first news post youve made in like 4 years. haha :P

yhea 4 years feels eternal lol

Well , to be honest ,i didn't like the movie itself , but the artwork is AMAZING! One of the best i've seen , even including professional movies!
You did a GREAT work , just remove the furries and add a bit more story , and everything will be awwwwwwwright.

Thx I'm glad it's par to professionalism though.

real amazing,the quality really went up from back then with ego city and phrozenflame 1& 2,i see you still kept Lenz's glasses lol

your work even reminds me of the popular series Dead Fantasy due to such detail and fluent movement

now im waiting to see if you continue more and actually extend this story

P.S. i myself am quite fond of the beastmen characteristics

Thanks! I am willing to make another 3d short, more towards Cap in Egocity

Dude amazing! I've never seen a independent project of this detail!

Dude you are way better than you used flash keep this up and u might be famous.

cat people??

Wow. Amazing! I never expected one of my favorite animators to make such an astounding come back! Seriously, I missed your animations. When I first started surfing the portal, I spotted them and they quickly became my favorites.

So, welcome back, man!

Man, I was wrong about you, you got some SERIOUS skillz!

Well, first, the animation was great, but I feel that the action sequences (the running parts) where a bit slow, great non the less.
The art and textures are amazing, and the environment equally amazing. Hope we see more of you in the future, you are indeed missed here in NG, maybe see more of your 3D works.
Good job and best of luck.

ur 3d work is amazing! iv seen top of the line games that didnt pull of this quality
its also very final fantasy (witch i frigin LOVE)
both charicters r c.u.t.e. and that gun kicks some sierius but!
i hope to c more like this in the futer
btw if u want to give a lil reply to my comment then dont be shy ^^
id love to here from ya
(oh and if u dont mind, im gonna studdy some of ur art and c if i cant draw some of it)

i know people might have asked you this a lot but what happened with phrozenfalme 2 i miss playing it and was wondering if you could tell me

Why is the train dark again? Awesome movie, to good to see you back Lenz.

holy S**t this is awesome! i loved the egocity series, and the final episode made me cry, it was moving. YOU HAVE TO CONTINUE THIS!

RiP Phrozenflame ToT

This only need voices and it would make perfect serie. :3

you should make this into a series it would be pretty popular i think do more you gota and also well done keep up the good work ^_^

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