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Bounty + Hunter aftermath

Posted by LenZ - May 13th, 2012

Thanks for all the votes and comments. I guess I can answer some faqs that I keep seeing in the reviews but I know I'll tire myself out if I answer the same thing and will be lost after the next page.
Also here's some deleted scenes during the making of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKf0sAgSc2o

What softwares did you use?
-Autodesk Maya, Aftereffects, photoshop, and flash.

How long does it take you to make?
-2 years give or take.

-Aliens. Welcome to the internet

Yhea right now I'm planning to make another short on my personal time (it won't be a furry) but until I can stabilize by life after college that is. But really thanks for the reviews. I listen to them as much as I can at the first few weeks and I'll keep practicing. So with that experience and feedback, I'll just get better and better from here.


It's good to see you back on NG, in some weird way you were like a long distance mentor I was always trying to catch up with when I was younger, but I was never as good with finishing shit haha. Either way, good shit, great short, it's a crime they didn't keep it on the front page longer.

Thx man. Yhea I imagined I was meditating up in some lone mountain over the years and can't wait to come back ^^

Loved Bounty + Hunter. I really admire the details you put into your 3D work, I'd love to animate at that level someday.

2 years?!
Men you should start an animationteam for your projects!
Animation team + feeling like a sir = more movies in a shorter period

XD yhea making a series too would be a good idea. Though I'm glad to make a short experience like B+H

Just 2 years? wow you have made a pretty good job on that! I am working for a smaller project I am still not sure when will I finish XD!

just keep working on it lil by lil ^^ good luck

Whens phrozenflame rpg 3 coming out because i loooooooooved two

Thx but I wish to find a programmer to help me on this cause i'm not a good programmer to make PF any more legit XD

You still alive m8?

Where can I find u at these days?

Where can I find you nowadays?