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Very very nice Jazz

It's been a long time since i saw ur DS. Ur new style looks awsum
And congrats on ur new tablet ^^

Nice Prelude Jazz

Long time no see ur works and i gotta say it's looking very tv production wise x3 Nice job Jazz and i'm looking forward for ur new story x3

JazLyte responds:

Thanks man! Didn't even notice u left a review lol. Heh Iunno bout TV, but the new style's working for me, 'preciate it =)

Ooooh Snap X3

Jazz is back again XD Rlly like hearing that villains complaining with the experiment lolz Your visuals are getting alot better everytime keep it up man X3

JazLyte responds:

Thanks bro, I will ^_^

Experience gained Lvl up K3

The best frame by frame I've seen from ur work. Very Nice man and great voice actors XD The humor is the best in here. Poor him never to see them coming XD I'll be seeing 50cents washing my hoverboard w/ this kind of product 8333 GIVE ME 50 of them XD

JazLyte responds:

lol U krazy, LenZ ^_^

Doooood X3

The fight scene was wayyyy to extreme lolz And I like the humor too 83 10 outta 10 from me


This rly brings bk all the experience I played w/ Sonic games lolz I can't believe how well u edit the original voices into this story X3 Keep up the great work dood

Flash movie 'Rank A' *random Sonic fanfare*

Lolz XD

So that's how u get the extra bottle by spying her XDXDXDXD
Good job on the dubbing too lolz and I gave u an 8 in violence for the big hammer part XD


From the last post. Anime just means perspective drawings in cartoon.
Anyway, nice job. U got 2 of my fav animes fused together and nicely done lol

Can't wait for BW3.2

This is front page material. Not only it's well written, but the voice actings are top notch!

Blackan responds:

Thank you LenZ :D

Great Job Brennan!

This is something that I haven't seen in a long time: RE+Kool-Aid+Pepsi= Inferno Madness of Eeevil XD
It's true that the record scratch is a little annoying, but ur jokes took care of that. Especially the Kool-Aid randomly appeared thing.
Keep up the good work!

Blackan responds:

heh ^_^' Sorry about that, Thanks LenZ, and if it wasn't for your Sprites this might have never been Existed XD

Have you fogotten what you've remembered, or have you remembered what you've forgotten?

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